22 July 2010


Been shedding a lot - my previous iterative routine was too compartmentalized to do much good for real world music. I boiled it down to the following.

20 July 2010

Iterative Routine for Ear and Fingerboard

I am trying to get up to speed with GMT. It occurred to me that just memorizing scale, arpeggio, and chord shapes is of little value without any music associated with the shapes. The following routine will help me build a repertoire of musical elements and burn in where these elements lie on the fingerboard.
Pick a single rhythm to study and play it percussively with a backing track. When I have command of the rhythm, it is time to add tones.
With each element, sing as much of it as I can. The more I hear the music I am playing, the easier it comes out.

06 July 2010

Dividends Already

I am still getting up to speed with the new tuning, but I can already tell by messing around with a simple 12-bar blues that it is making a huge difference. I think the main thing working to my advantage here is that I am learning the fingerboard this time as a musician who has some idea of what's relevant and important, and with standard tuning, I have decades of bad musicianship associated with every chord/scale shape.

05 July 2010

First Step: Eartraining, Backing Tracks, and Chord Tones

My first week has been mostly groundwork - lots of busy, not a high yield of increasing musical ability. I'm still happy with the progress tho.
First I tried a bunch of different eartraining programs. I have gotten a few levels in with the trials of Auralia and EarMaster, both of which I like. I'm focusing on diatonic chord progressions at the moment, which are proving harder than I would have thought. Still, I've cleared a lot of levels so far, so maybe it's a matter of getting used to the softwares' square voicings.
Here's what I'm doing with the guitar: I'm relearning the fingerboard in GMT (General Musical Tuning - all 4ths like a bass), practicing one tone of one type of chord at a time, including the accompanying scale. Here I'm on the 5 of a dominant seventh sound, playing a chord voicing, a lick, and a scale pattern. I do arpeggios, too, but I didn't happen to catch any in this vid.