16 September 2010

How to Reamp Guitar in Reaper

Okay I am getting further off track with my posts lately, but I thought this might help some people who were as baffled as I was by the documentation of the ReaInsert plugin in Reaper, or just reamping in general.

09 September 2010

More Backing Tracks

I've been told that my previous post on backing tracks wasn't very helpful, so I'm going to try again. First, here's the video, which has pretty much all the info.

08 September 2010

Vintage Marshall BluesBreaker vs. General Guitar Gadgets Kit

I need to write something about how gear lust is a reaction to the unfulfilled desire to improve as a musician. It is most common among guitar players, and I think the reason is that guitar is the hardest instrument on which to improve.

Assuming that I do legitimately need a piece of gear once in a while - or I have earned the extravagance of a new overdrive pedal by reaching some goal - there is a lot of almost-helpful information on the web to assist in selection, but most of it leaves me frustrated - asking impossible questions of my mute computer monitor. The following demonstrates a more useful method for demonstrating gear.